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Off to Turkey

| December 28, 2007 3:03 pm

We’re off to Istanbul and Olympos for 10 days to ring in the New Year! Come back soon for photos and stories

“Yes, I’d like one discounted youth ticket and one monkey fare for my chimp friend here…”

| December 24, 2007 9:37 pm

All aboard… MAV Monkey train is leaving the station

So those of you that have traveled through Europe by rail before are likely aware that there are usually several fare classes available in addition to the usual choice between 1st and 2nd class seats, such as discounted youth and senior tickets, and – in ultra “advanced” EU countries – accommodations for the disabled. In any event, you usually don’t have more the 4 or 5 different fares to choose from.

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Sleepless and Depressed in Budapest

| 6:13 pm

View from our windowView from our window the next day

[12/24/2007 – view from our window at 1:30 pm] [12/25/2007 – view from our window at 11:00 am]

It’s official: the “H” in Hungary does not stand for “happy.” These people are all straight depressed and, quite frankly, they’re depressing us. Never ever have we seen such a collection of gloomy people. It’s not that they are particularly unfriendly and we have not ran into too many mean Hungarians. But, in general, they are cold, solitary and generally not interested in interacting with anybody else.

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Hidden Nightlife

| 5:46 pm


Nightlife posters

Nothing really fun in Budapest – and especially the cool nightlife spots – is easily accessible to outsiders. You really have to be “in the loop” to know what’s going on. The best club and live music guide is published exclusively in Hungarian and you can never just “stumble onto” something because if you walk the streets at night they seem totally dead and quiet – virtually no music or noise bleeds through the thick walls of Budapest’s hundreds of years old buildings.

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Midnight Baths

| 5:27 pm


Rudas Baths

Budapest is well known for it’s thermal baths, with the grand Gellert and Sechenyi baths getting most of the attention of tourist guides. But guess what? They’re not the best!

We just discovered the less-hyped but awesome Rudas baths, dating all the way back to the 1500s.

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