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The strangest of friends

| March 6, 2008 1:48 pm

So we’re not exactly sure how this happened, but we just realized that over the last month we’ve become friends with the very people we blame for much of our early Hungarian struggles and whose names we had sworn off… this is the story of Interdean.

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Sparty! (our latest Budapest mission is accomplished)

| 1:02 pm

A few weeks ago we finally made to the long-anticipated Sparty that we’d heard so much about and previously missed out on. The normally relaxing Rudas Baths (our favorites in Budapest) were turned into a giant pool party from 10pm till 5am (but we admit we only lasted until 3): one giant swimming pool, one big thermal pool, four smaller thermal pools, 4 different music stages, spas, multiple bars and dance floors, “relaxation room,” massages, pool toys, beach balls, disco lights, laser shows, belly dancing, fire jugglers, synchronized swimming performance…. and a lot of happy people in swimming suits in the middle of a freezing February night in Cenral Europe. Need we say more?

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“I don’t think we’re in Budapest any more” – TWISTER STRIKES OUR HOUSE!!!!

| March 1, 2008 4:56 pm

Well, we’re definitely not sleepless or depressed at the moment, but perhaps we did declare winter over a bit too soon. After 10 days of constant sunshine and temperatures in the 70s (including warmer evenings that San Francisco summer nights), this Friday turned a bit gray and wet. Around noon on Saturday blue skies and sunshine returned and we were all set to go out and enjoy another beautiful spring day…

… when out of nowhere a howling wind began, followed by a quickly shifting curtain of rain that instantly transformed into hail. Juan instantly reached for her camera to take a video of the sudden change in weather, as Ognen ran to the balcony to rescue our one solitary plant out there (not sure what it is – some herb left over by previous tenants).

And with both our backs turned (Juan for camera, Ognen for plant) we heard a loud rumble. And before we knew what was going on (and before Juan even had time to press the record button) the roof of the building across the street had collapsed and bricks plunged five stories below badly damaging two parked cars.

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