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Are we here? Did anybody notice?

| August 18, 2008 4:58 pm

Ah, summer is almost over and we haven’t even really attempted to blog since… well, March – even though we’ve had so many experiences over the last few months when we looked at each other and said “you know what? we should really blog about this!” only to never follow-up on that again and again.

Who knew trying to keep a simple personal blog up to date could be so difficult?  And yet there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there that are constantly updated – and they are on all sorts of topics that would seem to require significant amounts of knowledge and research before one could even start to put pen to paper.  We can’t seem to even blog about our daily life and thoughts. Are these people that much smarter, more disciplined, less busy, more inspired, less lazy, with that much more to say and share with the billions of Internet users out there? Probably yes.

Do we feel bad about it? Not really. So we won’t try to catch up with what we missed – we’re realistic enough to know that if we couldn’t blog in a timely fashion,  we sure as heck aren’t disciplined enough to bring everything up to date. But we’ll at least try to do the next best thing and update our pictures and have a few quick summary posts about our life and impressions of our ongoing experiment of living in Hungary.

But we really do want to keep in touch with all our friends and family, which was the whole point of this site in the first place, so we sincerely appreciate the e-mail, telephone and comment reminders some of you have been leaving for us to prompt us to not let this little site of ours wither away – thank you! In addition to visiting our site, come visit us in person soon… before it’s too late and you have to track us down in some other corner of the world (stay tuned for that).