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It’s already been said

| October 16, 2008 4:56 pm

This was originally intended as a blog post on all that is wrong with politics, religion, the interaction between the two, as well as the media’s abdication of responsibility, lack of journalistic integrity and similar rants and frustrations.

However, I’ll instead just list a bunch of quotes attributed to Mark Twain. They don’t quite capture everything I want to say and the world is different now than a century ago (but not all that different, it seems), but they’re a hell of a lot better than anything I can come up with and I find their conciseness and wit much more powerful and inspirational than any of the thousands of and on-line political diaries (the so-called “citizen journalism” naiveté) that merely add to the misinformation overload and by and large fail to fill the void left open by the totally discredited dailies and network radio and TV news (I refuse to use the term “mainstream media”).

So here goes:

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Sweet Home Oaklabama

| 9:39 am

A few months ago, Ognen’s firm hired another young American lawyer – straight from the (possibly) great state of Oklahoma. Eager to make a positive impression on the only young American we could potentially make friends with here, we all went out to the Rudas Baths – Budapest’s finest. Not willing to attempt to make a meaningful connection, especially seeing as we were all in swimsuits and had not yet disclosed any potential Blue State – Red State unpleasantries, we settled for inane small talk and somewhere in the middle of it all Juan asked something along the lines of “What town in Oklabama are you from?

Following the dishing out of the unavoidable, insensitive and merciless ridicule, it soon became evident that Juan had inadvertently stumbled onto one of the greater public policy initiatives of our time, namely, the pressing need to merge Oklahoma, Alabama and everything in between (Arkansas, Louisiana – if it still exists after the next hurricane, Mississippi and Tennessee) into one.

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