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J-n-O’s B-o-B

| July 17, 2009 9:37 am

As we prepare to depart Budapest (NEWSFLASH for those of you not in the know – details to come), we’re finally publishing our long-overdue list of Budapest favorites that made our almost two-year stint here fun, exciting, unique and/or memorable (in a good way). Along with our pictures of life here, we hope that this collection will trigger good memories for us and, ideally, serve as a decent “to do” list for tourists for centuries to come.

Luckily, you can sample pretty much the entire list in 4-5 days (even 3 if you really run around), which means we’ve overstayed in Budapest for 626 days and counting… so without further ado, we give you (in order of importance) Juan-n-Ognen’s Best-of-Budapest:

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