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Sparty! (our latest Budapest mission is accomplished)

| March 6, 2008 1:02 pm

A few weeks ago we finally made to the long-anticipated Sparty that we’d heard so much about and previously missed out on. The normally relaxing Rudas Baths (our favorites in Budapest) were turned into a giant pool party from 10pm till 5am (but we admit we only lasted until 3): one giant swimming pool, one big thermal pool, four smaller thermal pools, 4 different music stages, spas, multiple bars and dance floors, “relaxation room,” massages, pool toys, beach balls, disco lights, laser shows, belly dancing, fire jugglers, synchronized swimming performance…. and a lot of happy people in swimming suits in the middle of a freezing February night in Cenral Europe. Need we say more?

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Hidden Nightlife

| December 24, 2007 5:46 pm


Nightlife posters

Nothing really fun in Budapest – and especially the cool nightlife spots – is easily accessible to outsiders. You really have to be “in the loop” to know what’s going on. The best club and live music guide is published exclusively in Hungarian and you can never just “stumble onto” something because if you walk the streets at night they seem totally dead and quiet – virtually no music or noise bleeds through the thick walls of Budapest’s hundreds of years old buildings.

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